What you can do

The most important thing you can do is not give into fear. It is too easy to become so frightened to accept the truth that you just deny it. It takes courage and great strength to accept the truth and the moral consequences this entails.

Anything you can do to spread the word about 9/11 will be helpful to the cause. Start off small. Talk about the 9/11 oddities with your close friends and family. Join and contribute what you can to your local 9/11 grassroots movement. Distribute informative DVDs. Purchase 9/11 DVDs and donate them to your public library. On the Internet are many discussion forums about 9/11. Google News has a great feature that allows you to search for recent news on a topic such as 9/11. Many of these news stories allow public discussion where you can discuss 9/11 oddities.


Vernon 9/11 Truth meets the last Thursday of every month to discuss how best to educate others about the actual events of 9/11, 2001. For more information email info@vernon911truth.org.


We need volunteers to help make people aware. We need people to hand out business cards, DVDs and leaflets, organize movie viewings, present lectures and setup petitions. Please contact us to join our mailing list.


You can promote this site by downloading and printing this business card on perforated card stock.
We have a building 7 flyer you can download, print and distribute. Click here for link.

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