The Great Fullerton / Novella 9/11 Debate

On June 2014 Michael Fullerton of Vernon 9/11 Truth debated Dr. Steven Novella of New England Skeptical Society and “The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe” podcast. This debate took place on Novella’s blog, Neurologica. For unknown reasons, Dr. Novella did not want to continue the debate after four sessions so it instead continued on in the comments section until Novella abruptly stopped responding. Because responses were obscured by the manic and highly irrational postings of some of his followers, the full debate including all comments can be conveniently found below.

Round One

Fullerton’s first entry

Novella’s first comment – this mini discussion relates to the (mis)understanding of basic logical fallacies.

Fullerton’s first comment

Fullerton’s second comment

Novella’s second comment

Fullerton’s third comment

Novella’s first entry

Novella’s third comment

Novella’s fifth comment – here he attempts to support his easily disproven belief that a Vérinage-like effect acted on the Twin Towers.

Round Two

Fullerton’s first response

Novella’s first response

Round Two A

Fullerton’s second response – here the debates continues in the comments section.

Novella’s second response

Round Two B

Fullerton’s third response

Novella’s third response

Round Two C

Fullerton’s fourth response

Novella’s fourth response

Round Two D

Fullerton’s fifth response

Novella’s fifth response

Round Two E

Fullerton’s sixth response

Novella’s sixth response A

Novella’s sixth response B

Round Two F

Fullerton’s seventh response

Novella’s seventh response

Round Two G

Fullerton’s eighth response

Novella’s eighth response

Round Two H

Fullerton’s ninth response

Novella’s ninth response

Round Two I

Fullerton’s tenth response

Novella’s tenth response

Round Two J

Fullerton’s eleventh response  A – This is the final devastating argument, a veritable coup de grâce.

Fullerton’s eleventh response  B – slight correction.

At this point Dr. Novella wisely decided to stop responding.

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